Curtis's Top
Book Recommendations

The Discipline of Market Leaders by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema
Good to Great by Jim Collins
Built to Last by Jim Collins
Start with Why by Simon Sinek
Infinite Game by Simon Sinek
Who Not How by Dan Sullivan
You’re not Listening by Kate Murphy
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni
The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni

ADVISA PI Resources

Through utilizing the following resources, team members can continue their learning and development by enhancing their knowledge about PI and how it can be used in the workplace or beyond.

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PI Refreshers

For a refresh in PI click here and scroll down to PI Refreshers. These trainings are meant to be a more general overview of PI content for those who have been through “Inspire People to Perform” and/or “Drive Results with Talent”. They happen twice a year. See details on the website about upcoming trainings to see if they are being held virtually or in person.
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Theory to Practice

Theory to Practice sessions happen once a quarter and are designed to be much more focused on a specific topic than the PI Refreshers. Dates and registrations can be found by clicking here and scrolling down to “Theory to Practice”.
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Talent Optimization

TO (Talent Optimization) Fridays:  This is a learning series hosted by ADVISA Facilitator Matt Frongillo that takes place the last Friday of every month. They are pre-recorded videos that can be watched at any time! You can find the whole archive by clicking here, with new ones being added monthly. 

Other PI Resources

Visit this page for a variety of PI resources and reference materials.

Alumni Group Topic Ideas

Being part of an alumni group is a great way to continue your learning and development even after graduation! Check out some of the topics and activities below that current alumni groups are studying and experiencing:

Book Clubs

Do you enjoy learning through reading and discussion?

Curtis’s recommendations above are a great place to start! Other books that alumni groups have read include: Atomic Habits, Dare to Lead, and The Comfort Crisis.

Cross Training / Department Shadowing

Are you someone who enjoys learning through doing or experiencing?

Expand your knowledge of other departments within the company outside your own by shadowing other teams. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about the company and the ways in which each team supports another to operate successfully.

Case Study Analysis

Do you enjoy reading about other businesses and engaging in analytical discussions about the similarities and differences you experience in your own role?

Brainstorm solutions, discuss action steps, and learn from other businesses who may be in similar/different circumstances. Harvard Business Review is a great place to start!

Podcasts/TED Talks

Do you learn best through listening and drawing from the experiences of other leaders?

Perhaps diving into a business/leadership podcast series or video could be a great fit for your group! See suggestions below for a possible place to start.


Did your experience in the Academy increase your interest to learn more about PI? 

Use the resources above to work through as a group, or further develop your knowledge of PI even more by working through this free certification course: Talent Optimization Certification.

Alumni Events

Stay tuned for upcoming dates!


Strategy Team
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