Building LEADers

What is the LEADership Academy?

5 Leadership Traits

Courage, Drives Results, Drives Engagement, Develops Others, Instills Trust


  • Does not avoid tough conversations
  • Proactive
  • Makes ethical decisions, even when difficult
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Drives Results

  • Understands the markers that define success and the organizational process
  • Connects personal goals with organizational goals
  • Prioritizes the customer and excellent results
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Drives Engagement

  • Models positivity
  • Invites input from others
  • Creates and communicates opportunity for others to shine
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Develops Others

  • Prioritizes the development of others
  • Takes opportunities to empower others by increasing their skill or knowledge
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Instills Trust

  • Demonstrates care for others
  • Embraces honesty and ethics by modeling it and recognizing it in others
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It All Starts Here...

Predictive Index (PI)

Introductory session into understanding the primary factors of PI

  • A (Impact)
  • B (Influence)
  • C (Familiarity)
  • D (Correctness)

This one-day workshop provides insight into how you work best and an awareness of others’ motivations and behavioral tendencies. This is a foundational class for all other LEADership Academy tracks.

Next Class:  June 18th, 2024



Through engaging in the Academy, we hope participants continue to grow as leaders, better understand their strengths, discover personal opportunities for growth, and engage in learning with and from others.

Rising Stars University

LENGTH: 5 Months

FORMAT: Virtual - 1x per month live 2hr zoom class plus in-person graduation

PURPOSE: To build self-awareness, personal accountability, and communication skills

WHO IS THIS FOR?: High performing contributors with an interest in learning more about Arbor's Leadership competencies

NEXT CLASS DATE: Sept. 24th, 2024

Trailblazers Institute

LENGTH:7 Months

FORMAT:Full day sessions 1x per month at the Arbor Homes home office.

PURPOSE:Further development in self-awareness and self-management to improve connecting with others to achieve results.

WHO IS THIS FOR?:Those who are interested in further development as a manager.

NEXT CLASS DATE: November 7th, 2024

Manager Foundations

LENGTH: 6 Months

FORMAT: Half day sessions 1x/month at the Arbor Homes home office.

PURPOSE: Provide insight into the tactical applications of being a leader of people at Arbor

WHO IS THIS FOR?:Any manager of people

NEXT CLASS DATE: August 21st, 2024


LENGTH: 9 Months

FORMAT: Full-day sessions 1x/month on site at the ADVISA main office.

PURPOSE: To move an individual's focus from managing others for results to helping influence organizational strategy and culture.

WHO IS THIS FOR?:Those who play a significant role in strategic initiatives, and whose focus for the company's success is broad rather than specific to one area.


What Do Our Graduates Have to Say?

I'm Interested!

What are my NEXT STEPS?

  1. Consider the 5 Leadership Traits above. Where are you excelling? Where do you have room for growth? Consider your personal and professional development - what are you hoping to accomplish in the next 6 months, 1 year, 3 years?
  2. Schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss your development and interest in the Academy.
  3. Managers will communicate your interest and all candidates will go before the Strategy team for consideration and to determine participants for upcoming classes.




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